New year wishes

Hey lovely people
To wish all of you an amazing year.
May it be blessed.
Find happiness… ❤


Hitting the Road


A photo taken earlier before leaving town

1:02 am East African time

I am about 4hours away from my home town Nairobi. We are off to some place in West of Kenya..
And we are are about another 4 hours driver to our destination..

Almost everyone is fast asleep on their seats and all I can do here is read blog posts.. I do wish I could run into a few more posts from one Nduka but I think I am not lucky today.
Let me explore what other amazing bloggers have written.
Bon nuit  lovely people

His Heart

His touch.. oh..

His touch feels heavenly

his lips.. So soft.. so firm.. So warm

His kiss.. Lingering..demanding.. wanting

His hold.. his hold secures me..

his hands.. they just know where to touch

His eyes.. oh his eyes with that holding look

I want it to last forever

I want to be in his arms in my lifetime


But his heart.. Oh, his heart

It froze in his chest..

Not even the strongest love can make it thaw

He shoves the street kid into the road

The old he can’t stand

His own he disowned

oh.. and that kid we lost before it was born

‘death would have found it anyway’ is all he said

then carried me into the shower



About death

That word tastes bitter in my mouth.. It breaks my heart everyday.
I have come to realize I have phobia for it. I cry for people I know and people I don’t know
Logging into my twitter account just reminded me how unstrong I am about death
Trending in my location is death of one of the finest Kenyan Swahili news anchor; Ahmed Dharwesh.
It breaks me.. he is young.. young family.. his parents.. those who loved him..
He will no longer laugh with them. They will come back to emptiness..
They will look out and not see him.. they will miss his hugs.. his love, his laugh..
Oh death what have you done..
Does any human really deserve this?
I am sad and maybe will always be sad, because I know how it feels to look at an empty chair.. to long for hugs.. laughter..
I even fear more for the hubby.. Lord hold her hand.. she is and most likely will always be broken..

Dear life 1

It has been long and you have been taking a toll on me.. it is like I am lost today and always..
It is like you are mocking me at times.. everyday..
I try a relationship and you are there laughing.. waiting for it to go wrong.. everything is going as opposite as you want it.. dear life..

Road travels

I have come to realize that being on the road for long hours to strange places during the day or during the nights makes me feel alive. It is freedom that I can’t explain.. looking outside bus windows… for the wild animals, for the street lights.. for the well lit buildings.. listening to loud Swahili Music… sleeping on the seat and waking up with a sore neck..
I want to be on the road forever.. ❤


Future hubby
My honeymoon better be not less than two weeks of turning sheets, getting them washed just to send them back.
Phones better be off and rest of the world shut out
Feed me with your attention and let the sun creep in to find me in bed
Walk with me along the noisy lit town, or quiet reserve or peaceful beach by the evening
Hold my hand everyday as if your life depends on it
Love me as if there is no tomorrow..
For those honeymoon weeks I want pure bliss

After we get back, reality will always be there to wake us up..